Clients ...

a person or organization using the services of a lawyer or other professional person or company.
"insurance tailor-made to a client's specific requirements"

(in a network) a desktop computer or workstation that is capable of obtaining information and applications from a server.

I've had the good fortune of having many clients over the years, the experience of which cannot be put into words, and their value cannot be overstated.

Selected Client::
  • ABDoors
  • ABNAmro
  • AEGIS (Diazo industry Council)
  • Channings Day Spa
  • The Coleman Group
  • Clarke, Poynton & Associates
  • CRSI
  • Delta Consulting Group Inc.
  • DHITristate
  • Drytac Corporation
  • Environmental Futures, Inc.
  • Excel Forms
  • Flash Logistics
  • Cycle Logistics
  • Gift Sender
  • Glencoe Capital
  • Global Private Equity
  • Cypress Consulting
  • Human Resource Planning Society
  • International Educational Resources
  • Illinois High Reach
  • International Reprographics Association
  • Jamaican Backroad Adventure Tours LLC
  • Joyce Brothers Moving and Storage
  • Joyce Records
  • The Jensen Group
  • High Potential Inc.
  • Motorola Cellular Services, Inc
  • A&G Inc (Textiles)
  • New Prospects
  • Predict, Inc.
  • ProEd Corporation
  • Susan Kroeger LTD
  • Wagner Zip Change
  • Global eHealth Solutions (WeAreHipAA)
  • The Weber-Valentine Company
  • Oliver Wight, LLC
  • American Bar Foundation
  • AGamers, Inc.
  • American Street Dreams, LLC.
  • DePaul University Dept of Finance