Interview Requests ...

a meeting of people face to face, esp. for consultation.
"all applicants will be called for an interview"
hold an interview with (someone).
"he arrived to be interviewed by a local TV personality"

A key factor in my success as an entrepreneur was the ability to speak in public to crowds ...

News Papers, Professional Journals and TV Interviews (selected):

  • WGN Television Chicago
  • Crains Chicago Business
  • Chicago Computer Guide
  • Oakbrook Gazette
  • ·DuPage Business Ledger
  • First Chicago’s Business Resource Review
  • The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Action Newsletter
  • Chicago Software Newspaper
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Bell & Howell Information and Learning’s Proquest University, Washington DC.
  • The Chicagoland, Chicago South, & OakBrook Chambers of Commerce
  • The North Business & Industrial Council
  • The Midwest Society of Professional Consultants
  • The Consultants Round Table
  • Waste Management 95 at McCormick Place
  • American Business Interlink
  • Right/Janotta Bray
  • The IRGA Convention
  • The International Association of Career Management Professionals
  • Northwestern University, DePaul University, and Lewis University MBA Seminars
  • The IPC and CCl annual conferences.
  • The Human Resource Planning Society Annual Conference

Public speaking was the key factor in building the credibility as a domain expert that ultimately lead to the acquisition of new clients, investor interest, and much more as an entrepreneur.