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a commercial business.
"a shipping company"

the fact or condition of being with another or others, esp. in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.
"I could do with some company"

The "Versaggi" name has graced the family business from Shrimping to Construction, which is why it was a natural choice when naming my company ...


"Versaggi Information Systems"

VIS core competencies: **********************************************************
VIS Core Business Competencies Summary:
  • Skilled eBusiness technical competencies
  • Skilled eBusiness strategic competencies
  • Local Long Island Presence with on site visits possible
  • Small distributed shop with low overhead, and costs
  • 7/24 availability, individual attention to clients
  • 20 Years Entrepreneurial Experience in the eBusiness technical field
  • 8 Years eBusiness Teaching Experience at the MBA level (DePaul)
  • Willing to do free initial on site consultation as gesture of good will
  • Soup to Nuts capabilities (Planning, Design, Implementation, Maintenance)
  • Rapid Application Development / Rapid Web Site Development capabilities
  • Well suited for Technology Transfer (aka Teaching.) to clients for web site Technologies
  • Certified Security Analyst [General / UNIX](Through SANS)
  • Received Daniel Seiden Adjunct Faculty Teaching award in 2001 for eBusiness Contributions at DePaul University.
VIS Core Technical Competencies Summary:
  • Skilled in Windows and UNIX server/web development platforms, networking, and technology transfer.
  • Skilled in graphics construction, animation, digital photography, sound and digital video.
  • Experienced at design, layout, interface development, and custom web site development.
  • Experiences in developing online applications via CGI scripts, PHP, custom programs, or scripting languages.
  • Experienced in Encryption technologies of both the client and server-side.
VIS Hosting, Design, and Development Services Summary:

1. Dedicated Private Hosting in a high end UNIX Servers. Most low-end hosting services end up putting you on a cheap NT box with little options, or flexibility. Our server is specifically designed to host robust interactive web sites and maintain them properly. We do not do public hosting, we are a private hosting facility. That means no porn, no kiddy games, no chat rooms, no frivolous email servers, no warz servers, no anything that is not specifically dedicated to a paying private client exists on our server. This greatly add to the reliability, availability and stability of any site Housed on our server. FYI: AT&T is charging upward toward $350+ /month for similar services on similar machines.

2. High end, low cost development tools inherent on our servers. We've constructed many online programs for our clients which enhance the functionality of their site and make it more of an online tool rather than a static web site. The implementation tools to do this aren't easily available on cheap NT boxes, nor are the reusability of the code that exists on our boxes. This permits us to develop robust functionality much cheaper and faster than ordinarily in this industry. The $5K web site we just did for one of our clients would have easily cost 10 to 15K elsewhere where the tools for developing robust programs aren't already on the system or as well developed.

3. Security. I'm a certified security expert from SANS and am primarily responsible for the machine that our clients is hosted on. I continually monitor it for the ever present threat of script kiddies and hackers. My function is to install the tools required to ensure the data of our clients , it's availability of the web site and it's integrity against the threat of defacement by outsiders. Most outside hosting services so not provide ANY security services much less have a trained security officer on staff.

4. DNS services. Our server is the primary name service authority for our clients. That means we've put together processes on our machine that translate requests for any of our clients into a site that pops up providing the site for users. Domain name service is also key for email purposes. Any email that comes to a client of ours address must go through our name server first, then it gets routed to our clients personal email box at the our clients computer. We also protect the security on the DNS servers as they are a favorite for hackers to deface or deny service to a particular web site.

5. Encryptions services. Our clients web site is housed on our Apache server which does high encryption digital certificates. This means that whenever our clients gets to the point where they'd want to do encrypted transactions (aka, credit card services) we already have that service set up. This is usually not an option at lesser hosting services.

6. CGI / PHP & Database services. CGI, PHP and database programs are what add the real functionality to a web page. It's what makes it do more than just display images and text. We include these services along as part of our package. The presence of true cgi services is unique to the Apache web server family and UNIX platforms. This is not present on Windows machines without much cost and effort, which amounts to added costs to the client.

7. Email Service: VIS can provide all email services and can alias them off of the companies domain to maintain brand image and professional reputation. VIS can also provide anti-spam capabilities ranging from light to heavy, depending on the needs of the client.

8. The VIS relationship: We are a small private consulting and hosting company. There are only a few of us and this is all we do. That means we can be contacted 24 hrs a day 7 days a week anywhere in the continental US and will respond immediately if any emergency arises. There are no such things as bankers hours in our business and we cater to the client to the point of spoiling them. This is hardly the case in most other consulting companies without special (and costly) agreements in place.

9. Our collective experience: I've been in this business for 20 years now, and am an adjunct Professor at DePaul University teaching all phases of eBusiness to MBA students part time in addition to working in my business full time doing these very tasks. As such I'm considered an competent in the field from everything from the technical end to the business strategy using the web. Having access to this experience base is a hidden benefit to our clients that they have used on many an occasion. Most other hosting facilities do not have these kind of resources.

10. General cost structure: We maintain a very low cost structure and very low overhead, so consequently we are able to offer our clients many more services and higher caliber services the their dollar than can buy elsewhere. We aren't the cheapest on the block for some basic hosting services, but when all of the ancillary services we provide are factored in, we in fact are the cheapest on the block. But you have to look at all of what we provide to gain an appreciation for it.

VIS Cost Structure Summary:
  • VIS will provide initial onsite counsel free as gesture of good will.
  • VIS can engage fixed bid quotes, time and materials, or a hybrid cost structures
  • VIS is negotiable on Hosting, Design, Development, and Maintenance fees.
  • VIS is negotiable on eBusiness Strategy Consultation fees
  • Standard: $100/ Month
  • Fixed Bid Quotes: Have Ranged from $1500 - $50K, depending on the scope of the project.
  • Hourly Rates: Range from $100 to $150 an hr.