Personal Philosophy ...

the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, esp. when considered as an academic discipline.

he scientific study of the human mind and its functions, esp. those affecting behavior in a given context.
I often study both philosophy and psychology.

Philosophy is a very sharp tool (albeit little used) with which to understand the complexities of politics, religion, economics, science, law, and ourselves as we "should be".

Psychology is an even sharper tool (egregiously over used) with which to manipulate: others, the public, entire countries, and finally to understand ourselves as we "really are" ...

Here are some titles from my favorite author:

  • Robert Greene Books I've read and highly recommend:
    • The 48 laws of Power
    • The 33 Strategies of War
    • The 50th Law
    • Mastery
Robert Greene is the modern day Machiavelli, only worlds better. He's retained on call by various heads of state, by corporate executives, etc., for his opinions. His research work really is the bedrock of modern: business man, politician, media mogul, military strategist, entrepreneur, professional athlete, or anyone who has to deal directly with power, conflict, mastery or fear in what they do. These are 'the' most influential and useful books I've read in my career ...

  • Teaching Company courses I've taken and highly recommend:
  • Philosophy:
    • Great Ideas of Philosophy
    • Philosophy of Mind
    • Questions of Value
    • Wisdom of History
    • Consciousness and Its Implications
    • Philosophy of science
    • Philosophy of Religion
    • World Philosophy
    • Philosophy as a Guide to Living
    • The Passions: Philosophy and the Intelligence of Emotions
    • Tools of Thinking
    • Machiavelli in Context
The teaching company has a particularly rich set of offerings in the philosophy genre, and they are very good! I'd recommend them to anyone.