Publications ...

the preparation and issuing of a book, journal, piece of music, or other work for public sale.
"the publication of her first novel"

To create works, be reviewed critically, and then published is a true honor ...

Academic Publications:

  • SANS Network Security, Autumn 2000, Security and BeOS: The Media OS - A State of the Art Security Report on the Pre-Release of The BeOS Networking Environment (BONE)

  • AI Expert, April 1995 - 'Conflicting Data in Neural Networks'

  • Pyrotechnics - Journal of Academic Computing DePaul University
    • Autumn 1989 - “Object Oriented Programming”
    • Winter 1990 - “Neural Networks”
    • Spring 1990 - “Knowledge Representation”

The work I did for the Pyrotechnics was fun and interesting, but the work I did for AI Expert was really a thrill. The SANS piece was a few years later down the road so it was old hat by then.