Skills ...

the ability to do something well; expertise.
"difficult work, taking great skill"

I take a renaissance approach to education and skills development, that means learning skills in multiple areas that support the thrust of the main work. I call these mini sabbaticals "Developmental Detours", and I take often many of them. I'm a lifelong learner ...

Overview of Skills Portfolio

There are seven distinct areas which I have tangible skills, they are:

  1. Technical
  2. Business
  3. Teaching
  4. Coaching
  5. Speaking
  6. Writing
  7. Leadership

Here is the details of those aforementioned skills:

  • Technical
    • IT Support:
      - I set up and manage all things IT to run a business: networks, servers, workstation's, laptops, etc.
    • Programming:
      - I program all kinds of things, specifically: android apps, web site infrastructure, and games.
    • Development:
      - I design and develop web sites of all kinds, front end and back end. Design and development are very different.
    • Hosting:
      - I run my own Unix web servers and all of the support services to go with it: DNS, email, nameservice, databases, security, etc.
    • Graphics:
      - I develop and manipulate graphics of all kinds. That includes static images, 3D mesh models, and animations.

    • Artificial Intelligence:
      - Ontologies, Protege, Neo4J, Jade, Drools, Genetic Algorithms, Intelligent Agents, Prolog, Lisp, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Automated Planning, Machine Learning, Big Data: Hadoop-Mahout-Tika, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Swarm Theory, Steering Behaviors of Autonomous Agents, Weka.
  • Business
    • Revenue Generation:
      - I've procured 'new' client work, and 'more' work from old clients. I Like the later better.
    • Financial Management:
      - I've managed capital deployments for projects for clients and funneled through my corp.
    • Account Management:
      - I've managed clients in all phases, from project execution to customer support.
    • Resource Deployment:
      - I've managed human talent both internal and external to complete projects.
    • Executive Politics:
      - I've witnessed, participated in, and successfully coped with politics. Like death and taxes, it exists.
    • Business Communication:
      - I've developed the ability to communicate effectively at all levels from the head office to the line.
  • Teaching
    • Course Instruction:
      - I've taught for 8 years at the graduate level at a big University.
    • New Course Development:
      - I've developed 4 courses from scratch; 2 business and 2 technical.
    • Instructor Development:
      - I've recruited, trained and deployed 3 adjunct faculty.
  • Coaching
    • Coaching Athletes:
      - I coach pole vaulters. My job is to teach them, if I performed well, they vault higher. Vaulters *must* continually evolve, and so must I as a coach.
    • Coaching Skill Development:
      - For me to evolve means to constantly seek to understand (a) more, and (b) understand corrently where ever that knowledge might exist.
    • National and International Experience:
      - I've coached a 'national (HS level) champion' in the Netherlands and a 'student champion' in addition to domestic USA vaulters.
  • Speaking
    • Public Speaking:
      - I've been on the public speaking circuit (local and national) during the onset of the Internet as a domain expert for a few years.
    • University Lectures:
      - I've given many lectures to students at 3 different universities in the Chicago area.
    • News Media Interviews:
      - I've been requested to give more than a dozen different media interview as a domain expert over the years.
  • Writing
    • Publications:
      - I've had research / academic work published 5 times, 2 in national journals and 3 in academic journals.
    • Technical Documentation:
      - As an example: I've developed and deployed an Android project, the purpose of which was to act as a teaching mechanism. The code was heavily documented, the development notes were published, and the design documents were all constructed with the intent to educate the new developer. The entire entity was a teaching vehicle.
    • Professional Correspondence:
      - I've engaged in all types of formal correspondence with professionals from the fields of: law, tax, accounting, government regulation. I've also written proposal documents for new business development.
    • Marketing Materials:
      - I've written marketing materials for my own business as well as internet marketing materials for an Android app deployment.
    • Course Lectures:
      - I've created dozens of course lectures for 4 different graduate courses including notes, tests, assignments, and research.
  • Leadership
    • Leading Large Groups:
      - I've successfully lead a staff of over 100 spread across four cities in Chicago for 4 years at DePaul. The transiency aspect of the work force (students) only added to the challenges faced.
    • Leading Corporate Initiatives:
      - As a business partner or running my own business, I've done what ever is necessary for the business to survive and prosper.
    • Leading Technical Projects:
      -As a lead tech on projects, I've done what ever is needed to complete the project and make the client happy.
    • Formal Leadership Training:
      -I've supplemented my education by enrolling in leadership seminars, courses, books, articles, and videos.

Specific Technical Skills:

  • Server - UNIX:
  • UNIX System Admin (Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux)
    • Building networks and web servers from scratch
    • DNS, Sendmail, Postfix, Apache, Tomcat, PostgreSQL & MySQL, PHP, Encryption, Certificates, CGI Scripts, Web Mail, Mailing Lists, Anti-Spam.
    • Certified in UNIX host and network security mechanisms.
  • Server - Win NT
  • NT System Admin (NT4 / Win2K, Vista, W7) - x86, 64Bit
    • Building and deploying NT network and web servers from scratch
    • DNS, IIS, MSQL 2000, I-Mail, Exchange 2000, ASP, MS ISA Server.
    • Experienced in securing Win NT4 / Win2K hosts and networks.
  • Web Development:
  • Design / Development
    • Graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, KPT)
    • Animation and Navigation (Flash MX, Flash Action Script, CSS, DHTML, HTML, LiveMotion)
    • Languages (ASP, PHP, Perl, BASH, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, JQuery, Ajax)
    • Online Applications (CGI Scripts, DB Applications, shopping carts, etc)
  • Wireless / LAN’s / Routers / Firewalls / VPN’s:
  • Network Administration
    • Deployed numerous wireless LAN’s, Routers and HW/SW Firewalls. (Cisco 2500, D-Link Wireless, etc.)
    • Deployed IP VPN (IPSec) and MS 2000 Standard VPN services.
    • Deployed and maintained LAN’s in organizations with excess of 100 users
  • Android App Development
    • Developed and Published – “Disaster Events” App in the Market, including support infrastructure, documentation, developers notes, and design documentation.
  • Game Development
    • AGK (App Game Kit) Engine, Blender, Bryce, Poser, Game AI
    • (3D Modeling, Animation, Programming, Game Design)
    • Current Development Project: Pure Physics Based Game – “Battleship”
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Ontologies, Protege, Neo4J, Jade, Drools, Genetic Algorithms, Intelligent Agents, Prolog, Lisp, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Automated Planning, Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Swarm Theory, Steering Behaviors of Autonomous Agents, Weka.
    • Big Data: Hadoop-Mahout-Tika-Hive-Pig