Volunteer Activities ...

a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
"each volunteer was tested three times"
freely offer to do something.
"he volunteered for the job"
When life blesses you, don't look to pay it back, look to pass it on. That's my mantra ...

Volunteer: 2001 – Present:

  • The Adler Astronomy Museum
    • Telescope geek – responsible for Solar and Celestial viewing activities.
    • Astronomy Outreach Program – responsible for bringing viewing activities to the public on the city street level and in the suburbs.
  • Sidewalk Astronomy Club
    • Telescope geek – responsible for solar/lunar viewing, telescope education, and general astronomy awareness and enthusiasm.

Athletic Volunteer 2007 - Present

  • Trainer/Coach
    • Athletek Maastricht, Netherlands: (Pole Vault and Decathlon)
      • Coached Dutch HS National Champion - Pole Vault
      • Coached Dutch Student Champion - Pole Vault
      • Coached Regional / Province Champions - Decathlon
  • Warehouse Vault, Holtzville, NY
    • Coaching American Pole Vaulters - all ages